Monte Carlo, Monaco

During our weekend in Nice, France we also traveled to Monaco for a night, about 36 hours total. I decided to write the experience in Monaco in a different post because it was much different than Nice. First of all, I really knew nothing about Monte Carlo or Monaco as a whole. When we arrived I quickly realized it a beach town, extremely small, and very prestigious. You can tell as you look around the streets because of how beautiful all the buildings are and how fancy all the cars are. Everywhere you look there is a luxury vehicle or bike, and by bike I mean Ducati or BMW brand street bikes. The whole country of Monaco is only about .7 square miles! When we arrived to our hotel we knew it was on the boarder of Monaco of France, but when we spoked with the concierge we learned something very surprising. Our hotel concierge told us we were in France and said to look out the window, and he said the other side of the street it Monaco. We were literally on the exact border of France and Monaco. It was interesting because you obviously could not tell at all that it was two different countries. They appeared exactly the same and the architecture all matched seamlessly. I had heard about this place a few times before, but I never realized how truly regal it was. It is definitely a must see place. One of the big, famous buildings in Monte Carlo is the Monte Carlo Casino.

Monte Carlo Casino

We had the luxury of going inside and eating dinner at one of the restaurants. We ate on the deck with a view of the ocean, ate amazing food, and received immaculate service. I felt very fancy, like I belonged there. You cannot understand the country until you visit and see it for yourself. It’s tucked into such a small area, but the most perfect and beautiful area along the coast. I would definitely like to go back and see it again some day. I only got to spend a night there, so next time I will spend more time.

View from dinner at the Monte Carlo Casino

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