School in London

School in London is much like school in America, or at Drexel rather. It is organized and very standard. Sometimes in Paris I felt like the school and the grading system was so extremely different. In London, they had a nice welcoming ceremony and they got us started right away. It was definitely right down to business, but I preferred it this way. They clearly stated objectives and and gave us a definite schedule for the next five weeks ahead of us. They had packages for us upon arrival with maps and other essentials for navigating/understanding the city. I felt very comfortable and aware of everything that was going to happen over the next few weeks. Paris was definitely different in this aspect, but I am glad I got to experience both. Some students like more independence, while others like more structure. I realized I definitely like structure in school, that way I can plan around the days and make sure I have time to complete projects and also tour the city. We were given group projects a lot in London, which was another nice way to bond with the students. The classes were four hours long, but usually they were easy to listen to because the professors were fun and knowledgable. We also took occasional trips to places that went with what we were learning in class. I really enjoyed this because I got to sightsee while I was learning. I particularly enjoyed when we went to stores and did a “secret shop” for the Professional Personal Selling class. Of course I enjoyed the killing two birds with one stone aspect of this project, shopping and learning all in one. Overall, the classes were very informative and gave me skills I will progress into my future career. My favorite aspect of the school was it’s location. It was off of Gloucester Road, surrounded by restaurants and Starbucks. The best part though, was the beautiful flowers lining the fence outside.

Me enjoying the flowers outside of school.


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