Empire State Of Mind

The first few days living in New York felt like a dream. Since I moved into my apartment a week early, my first few days in New York were spent exploring, running errands, and trying to make sense of the Subway routes. For at least three days, I felt like I was on vacation, that in a couple days I would be back at Drexel headed to class at the Urbn Center.

Me and Olivia Anton, my roommate. Definitely lucked out with our apartment, a reasonably priced one bedroom right by Columbus Circle. We were within walking distance of multiple pharmacies, grocery stores, subway stops, and the most important; TJ Maxx. For the first three months, I would be taking the bedroom and Olivia would be sleeping on the pull-out couch in the living room, then we would switch.

(My Room… for now)

After those three days, I had my first official day of work at Galore Magazine, located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It’s a 30-40 minute commute on the Subway, but Michael Kors (my other internship) is only a mere 9 minute commute, so it evens out for the most part. I was surprised at how small the studio was, and how relaxed the environment was, I definitely liked it.

 (Bushwick, Brooklyn)

When the weekend came, I was introduced to my third job while living in New York, working at a bar/nightclub in Hell’s Kitchen. While the first night was hectic, I met a lot of nice co-workers, and realized that this was one of the best ways to make some sort of income while juggling two unpaid internships. On Saturday, Olivia and I were so exhausted that after a nice dinner at Giorgio’s of Gramercy that we were in bed by around nine o’clock (So much for the city that never sleeps). I seem to not realize how tired I am during the week because of how busy I am, but once the weekend rolls around I do some major catching up and am amazed at how much I can sleep. 
The next week was the first week that I was working both internships and my third job at night. Like I said, the adrenaline seemed to keep me through the week and even through Friday night after some caffeine. Needless to say Saturday morning I woke up at noon, had brunch like a true New Yorker, and promptly went back to bed.
 (The Smith)
Once I awakened from my coma-like slumber on Saturday evening, I took a stroll to Barnes & Noble and eventually did make it out to the meat-packing district with two other D & M students. Sunday was filled with all the errands I didn’t have time to do during the week, and preparation for another busy work week. 
 (PhD Lounge @ The Dream Hotel)


  1. It is awesome that you are able to do two different internships in such different places but I can't even imagine how you are doing all that and a job! I have seen some of your posts on Galore and really enjoy reading them, you definitely know your audience and do a great job of appealing to them. It's great that you seem to like all three jobs dispite the differences in them. Hopefully that will make working so hard very rewarding. I'm looking forward to hearing more about all three of your jobs and how you like them!

  2. Multiple props to you!
    1. 3 jobs would probably make me cry. I need sleep. I would be concerned for you if you hadn't mentioned sleeping in on Saturday.
    2. I'm really liking your Galore posts. You even made the Buzzfeed-style list work without it sounding, you know….Buzzfeed-y.
    3. Just in general props for your go-getter-ness. I'm looking forward to more of your posts. 🙂

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