A Gala and Greek Food

One of the best parts of my Co-op is working a variety of events. I’ve already worked a few and last Tuesday I worked the New Yorkers for Children Fall Gala. The non-profit donates money to the child welfare community and young people in foster care. The event was held at Cipriani. Many celebrities, athletes, models, musicians, designers and New York socialites attended. The event was absolutely gorgeous. I was so honored to work such an incredible event.

This past weekend my parents along with my grandfather visited from Boston for a conference with my Greek Orthodox church. On Friday afternoon my mother and I walked through Central Park and all around the city. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Even though I’m dreading the cold I’m excited to see Central Park covered in snow. 
That Friday night I had dinner with my Papou, which means “grandfather” in Greek, and my four cousins that live in the city. We had an incredible dinner at the Greek restaurant Milos. To order the fish for dinner, you go up to where all the fish is in a pile of ice and choose which fish you want. My Papou and cousin, Zachary, chose a white fish, which was delicious. I’m very close with my family, so I love having all my cousins in the city. I also have family right outside the city in Bronxville and a few aunts in the Brooklyn and Manhattan. It’s great to escape from the city on some Sunday’s and get a home cooked meal. It’s also nice to be taken out for dinner by my aunts in the city. Anytime you can get free food is the best! 


  1. That gala looks incredible! One of the main reasons I miss working in PR is for all the amazing events! Although I worked fashion week, I'm a little jealous you're already attending events like this and am anxious to see what else you do during your experience.
    It sounds like you had a fun weekend with family. That's so great to have family right there when moving to a new place. I'm sure it made the move that much easier, and of course, free food isn't so bad either!

  2. Olivia I am so jealous! Your co-op looks amazing and like you are getting great experience. I have seen other photos on your various social media pages of other events you did and it all looks amazing. I can't believe you get to work on such important and big events. I'm sure it was comforting to have your family come and visit. I want to come and visit soon so you can so me all the wonders of NYC!

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