Flash Tattoos

This past weekend I went back to Philly for my sorority’s recruitment. It was so great to be back on Drexel’s campus and to see my sisters and friends. The weekend flew by and it was hard to say my goodbyes. Luckily I’ll be back this weekend for my best friend’s birthday. Being back realized how much I really do miss my friends.

These past few days at work have been so busy. Monday we got to come in a half hour late because of the holiday. I was busy running errands around the city, ordering merchandise online for events, submitting sample requests and on the phone trying to figure out shipments. Customer service representatives really are the absolute worst. I was on hold for fifteen minutes then talked to a representative who had no idea what he was talking about. It was extremely frustrating, especially when there’s a deadline.

On Tuesday, we had an event in our showroom for one of our clients. Different editors came in and looked at the merchandise and took pictures. It’s crazy because editors are three months ahead, so they’re already writing for January. I always love observing editors style. They always look so effortlessly chic and are so daring. I feel like some of the garments they wear I could never pull off. Some editors definitely take risks and wear bold statement pieces. At the event, I was applying Flash Tattoos to the editors. I did one myself and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. I’ve never had a Flash Tattoo but I love it and want more. The event continues tomorrow so I hope to get another Flash Tattoo.



  1. I remember when I worked my PR co-op that we also had to work the showroom for editors to come look around and take pictures. I actually did the exact same thing as you and was just in awe of all of their outfits, continuously gaining inspiration! I'm so obsessed with that flash tattoo. I had never heard of that company before and just Googled it- I really want to order a set now! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. I love the flash tattoo that you did! I've been wanting to try them and it's so great to see how well yours turned out. I agree that it is crazy that everyone in the industry is so far ahead. I know we are always taught that in school but I think finally be around it makes that aspect of working so much more real. I agree that it was so fun to go back and see everyone at Drexel but it did really make me miss everyone. We are so lucky that we get to go back often though. I don't know what I would do if we couldn't!

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