Fall Fashion Report: Leopard is the New Neutral

Animal prints have always been something that you can resort to in your closet. From that crazy leopard jacket to those snake skin boots, animal prints allow you to rock that sexy look while still being super sleek.
Animal prints have gained major popularity on the Fall runways this season. From Celine to Armani, leopard print specifically has been spotted everywhere on the catwalk. Some see the leopard print as a neutral while others make it the main focus of that classic look. This fall season the prints are a tad more subdued and are more wearable than that of which was shown in the past.  Leopard has always defined sexy in the fashion world; now you are able to rock that “symbol of femininity” without being too risqué. With this, its appropriate for all times of the week whether you’re going to that work party or a night out in the city.
Left to Right: Celine, Giorgio Armani, Givency
Always being a huge fan of animal prints, I am loving this trend. In my eyes, leopard gives you that pop to your outfit without being too dramatic. I used to think that this print was overwhelming and I personally saw it as an accent to an outfit. Now, you could wear a completely leopard print outfit and people would not think twice. After growing up and becoming more mature with my style, I find that my leopard collection is growing in my closet. I always find myself being drawn to leopard prints while shopping; from jackets to tops to leopard print pencil skirt, I continue to buy leopard print while the trend lasts. 

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