Fabrics and Friends

My third week of work provided many more opportunities that were much different from the weeks before. While some responsibilities remained the same such as answering the phones and sending out garments for the PR department, the jobs I experienced in between these mundane jobs have become more exciting.
Perhaps my favorite of all jobs was when I was sent out to color match swatches of fabric for the fall 2015 collection. (I always knew companies starting designing and planning far in advance I had no idea it was this early!) I was given six or seven colors and I had to go to stores such as Mood Fabrics, which is featured on Project Runway, and find fabrics that were the exact color. As I was leaving the office, two of the other interns I work with said that they had both been given the same task the day before and had returned with many samples, none of which the design team had deemed appropriate. By the time I got back to the office almost three hours later I had seen everything from the lightest chiffons to the heaviest wools and understood why they had so much trouble. I went to all three stores recommended by the design team and had approximately 30 samples to show them. However once back in the office I saw that the lighting in the office was much better then those in the stores and saw the error in so many colors that I had picked out. I ended up only showing the design about 20 of the samples I picked out and out of them they only picked 5 to be sample colors. Taking all morning to choose colors for the new line was exhausting but it showed me just a small part of the design process and everything it took to get the proper colors for the line.

 While it was a great week at work and I am beginning to get to do more interesting tasks, the whole time I was looking forward to the weekend and getting to go back to Philly. It was the first time I got to see my friends since I had started working and while it was great to see everyone it made me realize how much I miss Drexel and everyone there. I can’t wait to go back but I’m glad that working at Shoshanna makes being away from everyone worthwhile.
Entrance to Mood Fabrics- So fun!

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  1. I completely know what you mean about looking forward to going back to Philly! After spending all summer ready to get out of there it's funny how we miss it now isn't it? Mood fabrics is awesome, but I'm sure it was very overwhelming trying to find such specific colors. That's smart that you got so many samples because it can be intimidating having to pick something out yourself for your employer's approval. It's definitely cool seeing how the design process comes together though, thankfully for shoes I am limited to a narrower margin of fabrics.

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