Off To The Races

Well, it’s officially beginning to get cold. I also officially have  a cold. The problem with me getting a cold is that once it starts, I never seem to fully recover. This is usually because I never give myself a chance to slow down, and with my current schedule I don’t expect things to be any different. 

Rather than relaxing this past weekend, I went to the Far Hills Steeple Chase in North Jersey. Having never been to a horse race before, it was a lot of fun seeing everyone dressed up with their huge tables full of food and drinks. I even managed to get into a conversation with a woman who happens to be the head of bridal at Nicole Miller and she told me to add her on LinkedIn. Looks like I am learning to network after all.

Upon returning to the city on Sunday, I had to meet up with the guitarist in Red Oblivion, a band that is playing at CMJ festival in New York this week. I honestly have never really conducted an interview before, so I was a bit nervous, but in the end everything ended up okay and thankfully I had another intern helping me out. Things to seem to get extra busy when I am asked to do work for Galore on days where I am not working, because after working at Michael Kors 9-6, I hardly have time for myself. “Make it work” is essentially my motto from here on out. Thankfully work has been picking up at Michael Kors as well, I even got do some work coloring in sketches for possible Fall 15 color ways, which was a lot of fun. Hopefully this weekend I will get a little bit more time to relax since I will be staying in the city all weekend, and the prescription medication I had my Dad call me in will help also.

One comment

  1. Sounds like you had an exciting week! It's incredible how many people you end up networking with just by holding a conversation in the most unexpected places. The fact that the woman in charge of bridal for Nicole Miller asked you to add her on LinkedIn is so exciting! I hope something comes out of it for you in the future. Feel better because I know going to work sick is no fun at all and I'm sure with your busy schedule, it's making things much more hectic.

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