Birthdays and Sick Days

This past week has been filled with a variety of activities.

On Thursday I left Galore early and went to the Bowery Ballroom to meet and interview Kimbra. While waiting outside I ended up in a conversation with two fans who were amazed that I was going to get to meet Kimbra and spend time with her alone. It was funny to feel like I was important getting escorted into the venue while there was a line of fans waiting outside.

I still get a little nervous conducting interviews, especially with a bigger artist while her PR woman is watching me. However, Galore urged me to try to ask more funny/ quirky/ scandalous questions and I think I did a pretty good job. However, of course my iPhone decided to freeze during the second recording of the interview, and deleted the end of the video recording… I freaked out a little bit. But made notes on what she said according to my best memory and all was fine. Attending the concert later that night was pretty fun because we got VIP tickets complete with drink tickets for the night, definitely gave me incentive to contact more artists that I’m interested in and hope for some perks like free tickets.

On Friday (after attending my third doctor appointment since moving here) me and Olivia went back to Philly for my 21st Birthday celebrations on Saturday. The weekend was pretty crazy and devoid of sleep, but I managed to make it back on my feet by Monday. While Monday and Tuesday were pretty standard days at Michael Kors, I woke up this morning and started feeling extremely nauseous right before I was going to leave for work. I couldn’t tell if it was my medications having an affect on me, or I was coming down with something. To be safe, I took the day off and told my supervisor that I would come in later if I was feeling better. I am still feeling a little under the weather right now. I have a feeling it is just my body getting back at me for treating it so badly over the weekend.

However, I almost wish I was at work, because I am so bored sitting in my house alone!


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