Feels like Spring

It felt like Spring last week because many of our clients have been previewing their Spring 2015 collections. Last Monday and Tuesday, I set up for Boden’s Spring 2015 collection. Boden is a London based company. They have one store in London but are known for their website. Boden has womenswear, menswear, children’s wear and babies. The babies, Mini Boden, has some of the cutest baby clothes I’ve ever seen. I’ve been told that receiving Mini Boden for mothers is like gold. On Monday, I steamed all the garments, which included womenswear, children’s wear and babies. It was very tiring steaming all the clothing but it was also interesting to see every garment for the collection. And I couldn’t stop “ooh” and “awee” over the baby clothes.

The space where the event was located was by The High Line in Soho. We completely transformed the venue to look like a garden. There were huge floor to ceiling posters on the wall featuring models wearing the collection. The images were big, bright and playful. They built a pink wooden house filled with clothing and accessories along with real grass, fruits, and vegetables. The clothing was laid on the grass and the fruits and vegetables hung around the room and were laid in containers next to the garments. For the womenswear, the garments were hung on vintage racks and the shoes, bags, and jewelry laid on grass below. The babies and children’s has their own section with the clothing hung up on mini racks and some pieces laid on grass. The space looks absolutely gorgeous and felt like Spring. I loved setting up for the event. It was definitely exhausting at the end but seeing the place from an empty space to the finished product was amazing. It also made me feel good that I helped create something so beautiful.


One comment

  1. It is so fun to get to read about all the different events you set up for! They are all so different from one another but are all so special. I agree with you that steaming is SO much more tiring then you would think but I do like getting to see all the different pieces. I also know what you mean that you love getting to see all the baby clothes! While its fun to see all the women's wear the children's is so precious that its fun in a whole other way!

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