New Hair

I finally decided to cut my hair into a long bob or a “Lob” as most people call it. I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair for a while but have been second guessing myself whether it’ll look good and/or if my friends will like it. I had short hair my entire childhood so throughout high school and college I rebelled and had very long hair. The problem with having long hair is it takes forever to blow dry and gets tangled very easily. I was so done with my hair and wanted a change. The long bob is very on trend right now and I thought why not do it, because I needed a change. I’m absolutely obsessed with my new hair. I got ten inches off. It’s so light and easy to maintain plus it looks very chic. Everyone at my office loved it and so did my friends! I’m so thrilled that I finally did it.

This past weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in NYC so far. I had so much fun going out with my friends. On Friday, Ashley and I went to Eataly, which is Mario Betali’s Italian market. We had the best mozzarella and prosciutto along with other meats. It was an absolutely fantastic meal.


On Saturday our friend Naz visited. We went consignment shopping and then had an amazing meal at Rosa Mexicana. It was one of the best chips and guacamole I’ve ever had. Finally on Sunday, we saw the new Hunger Games movie. I thought it was very good but a little anticlimactic. I’m very Team Peeta and love the actor, Josh Hutcherson who plays him. I’m also obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence. I think she’s so talented, beautiful and hilarious. I want to be her best friend. I can’t wait for the las movie next year. All in all it was an amazing weekend.


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  1. Your hair looks amazing! I have been contemplating doing the same thing, as to when I should chop my hair. Isn't it crazy how much more willing you are to make both fashion and beauty statements when in New York? I found myself wearing things I never thought I could pull off! Sometimes I wish Philly was that same way!

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