DIY Dip Dye Hair Color

Three easy steps to dip dyeing your own hair just like a pro!
Colored hair is becoming huge in fashion these days. From Kylie Jenner to Nicole Richie, the colored hair we see is becoming a popular trend people can’t seem to get enough of.
Being one of the many who partake in this trend, I’ve been dip dyeing the tips of my hair a variety of colors for the past 3 years, so unfortunately for Kylie Jenner, I started the trend first. I has grown to be a huge part of who I am to the point that which my friends have now asked me to dye their hair after seeing me test it out first. It was my first attempt at cosmetology and I have to say it went quite well. After 3 years of dyeing my own hair, and now multiple friends hair, I have mastered the techniques of achieving the perfect ombre color combinations; here are the simple, easy steps to do it yourself at home:

Step 1: Materials & Preparation:

You’ll need to prepare your materials in front of a mirror, preferably over a sink. As you can see from the picture above, the materials are pretty simple: tinfoil, cut into 4” strips; hair clips, used to section off hair; tinting brushes with rods; and lastly the dye, Manic Panic. Manic Panic has a huge selection of colors. I use this brand over others because it’s a semi permanent dye which means each time you shower and shampoo your hair, the dye starts to fade away. By the end of a month, the color is barely visible, leaving you with a clean palette to try it again!

Step 2: Dyeing

Before you start painting color all over your head you’ll want to section off your hair; using the clips, divide your hair into four main parts.
Starting with the bottom most layer, take a strip of hair about 1-2” thick (depending on the thickness of your hair) and place it along the strip of tinfoil. Using the tinting brush, apply the color dye directly from the jar onto your hair; brush the color evenly over the hair exposed.

Once the color is fully covering the hair you want, fold the tinfoil up into a square. Repeat this process until all of your hair is folded up in tinfoil. Once all the color is set, depending on how long it took to dye the hair, wait 30-45 minutes for the color to fully sink in.  
Step 3: Washing

Once the color has rested in the hair, it’s time to wash it out. To wash the color out, take out all the tinfoil and shower normally. As you shampoo, you will see color start to run but it’s normal to have excess color. Once the water is runs clear, condition and style normally. The color is now set into the hair and will fade during each wash with shampoo; you are now free to style your hair normally with the added pop of color!


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