The countdown to Winter Break has begun. This past week has been much like the previous – a lot of work on the computer. For Drexel’s records, the FHCC calculates values of donations received in the fiscal year. My main job this week was to figure out some rough/preliminary estimates for the past two quarters (they’ll be checked and finalized by someone else later). I don’t plan on becoming an appraiser, but it’s certainly interesting seeing how much an item will realistically go for vs. what someone might personally think an item would go for.
    Doing estimates can be slow, semi-frustrating work sometimes, so I found myself taking breaks to help with other projects fairly often. Preparations for the fall exhibition are starting to gear up – we’re looking through all sorts of boxes now. I didn’t get a close look at most of the things, but I did manage to get my hands in a box of purses! How awesome is that oyster purse? And the itty-bitty change purse that is literally the size of a coin?


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