Flashback to Fashion Week

I will never forget the thrill of attending fashion week. At the time, I was working for fashion stylist Amy Salinger as her media and brand manager. She kindly invited me to shadow her and attend Jill Stuart, Rafael Cennamo, Son Jung Wang and a few other F/W 2013 collections. Every season her invitations piled up, giving her the pleasure to pick and choose her “must see” shows. After years and years of attending fashion week, the passion died out and it became more of a routine. However, as a newcomer, I could hardly wait to jump headfirst into the fashion week scene, wearing my favorite heels of course.

First up: Jill Stuart. Amy politely pointed out the eccentric styles around us as we waited to take our seats. Some were more practical than others, but I will never forget the outrageous combinations of bold prints and colorful furs. After being amused by those around me, I noticed a familiar face not too far from where I was standing. Before even realizing it was my cousin Alexa, I was appreciating her subtly chic sense of style in my mind, which was not overdone like most in the line. My cousin Alexa happened to be attending the show, with the help of her friend who does public relations for Jill Stuart. The fashion world isn’t that big after all, I thought to myself. Just minutes after taking our seats, the music blared and the models began their strut. The collection was dominantly black and navy, with progressions of rose-colored flouncy dresses. Overall, the collection had darkly romantic undertones, but stayed true to the brands girly image.

My favorite opportunity of the day, aside from the Jill Stuart show, was attending Rafael Cennamo’s couture presentation. First and foremost, a fashion presentation is very different than a fashion show. During a fashion presentation, the designer will create an environment representative of the collection. The models will either be standing or sitting in a group, styled in the latest pieces from the line. Groups of individuals wait to enter the room, and are able to walk right up to the models to view the intricate detailing of the clothes. Attending a fashion presentation helps the audience to appreciate the work that goes into the construction of the garments. This was personally my favorite, because of the intimacy between the clothes and the audience. Also, I was able to get right up to the models and snap a photo without worrying about a blurry photo. I was amazed with Rafael’s beautifully constructed gowns, draped and ruched lavishly in gold.

As the day started to wind down, I was excited to take off my heels and exit the crazy world of fashion. If there was one thing I learned through this experience, it is that there are thousands of individuals stepping into Lincoln Center to feel somewhat a part of this industry. Seeing the accessibility of these shows also outlines a very important point, that it’s not what you know, but who you know.

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