Dapperling by Lilly Pulitzer

The new, big to-do recently is the new collaboration being planned between Lilly Pulitzer and Target. The 250- piece collection will hit the target racks on April 19th 2015 across the United States and Canada.  The collection will be for women and girls and will include accessories, shoes, beach apparel, home décor, beauty and travel essentials.  The collection will also feature 15 new and exciting prints that have not yet been seen from past Lilly collections.  Stacia Anderson, the senior vice president of apparel and accessories at Target says, “This spring, we want to offer our guests a collection that embraces color, print, and pattern in a bold, fresh way.”

         This collaboration has stirred up quite a commotion from some of the loyal Lilly customers.  Some say that they do not believe Target is “classy” enough to sell their belove
d Lilly Brand, or it is too “exclusive” to be sold in their stores.  Others are upset that dresses they have previously purchased for a couple hundred dollars will be made at a cheaper price point.  These are all selfish reasons of course and Lilly Pulitzer for Target is expected to wow both Lilly and Target customers. 
 This is an unusually big deal for Ana, a recent graduate, Jessica and myself because for our CIMM collection last spring; we created a Lilly Pulitzer line for Target.  Our collection was a Spring/ Summer clothing line for little boys called Dapperling.  It featured shirts, pants, shorts, blazers, and many furnishings in a variety of fun and playful colors and patterns.  It is pretty exciting to know something we thought and worked incredibly hard on a year ago is about to really happen.   I can’t speak for Ana or Jessica, but I am really excited to see how this collection turns out. 


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