My 1 Minutes of Fame

I can’t believe I only have three more months in NYC for Co-op. These past three months have flown by and I’m already sad for it to end. I’ve learned so much at my Co-op and become more independent and confident. I’m so excited for what awaits me these next three months!

The last few weeks before Christmas were very busy at Alison Brod. We had a lot going on at the office and Christmas events for our clients. I was very lucky and was asked to model our clients clothing on  New York Pix 11 news. Me along with the two other girls I work with modeled our clients clothing for a segment called “Office to Holiday Party Looks.” It was very nerve racking and exciting all at the same time. We have no modeling experience whatsoever so we definitely felt a little awkward and nervous at first. It was cool to be behind the scenes and see the news being filmed from backstage. My outfit was also cute so I’m glad I got to wear something that was flattering and that I liked. I was only on screen for probably a minute but it was so much fun. It was an amazing experience and I’m very lucky that my job asked me to model for it. Had my one minute of fame!



  1. Okay, this is so cool! Even if it was just for a minute that is so fun and such a great experience that happened because of your co-op. All 3 of you look wonderful, would love to know who this client is! This is such a unique experience and shows you maybe a little bit more of the glamorous side of the job, which I'm sure was nice since you are probably working so hard every other day.

  2. That is awesome! You're so lucky that the company allows you to be involved in fun things like this! Looks like a nice break from the office! It sounds like you're really enjoying your co-op and learning a lot about the PR industry. Your job seems full of surprises and you're constantly working on new things.

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