S/S 15 Trend: PVC

Today’s rainy weather had me thinking back to several weeks ago when I saw the rain jacket I’ve always secretly wanted. I was scrolling through my endless emails when I came across a picture of a clear PVC rain jacket in one of my fashion newsletters. I immediately clicked on the link (and then proceeded to exit the page once seeing the price tag).

Seriously, what is more practical than a PVC rain jacket? It completely deflects the rain and keeps you looking super chic. Wearing a clear trench means that April showers won’t leave you covering up your fresh spring style. Best of all, PVC could easily be cleaned with a quick wipe-down. Women’s Wear Daily labels this spring/summer 2015 trend as “Playful Plastic”.

While I am totally on board for plastic trenches, in most cases the same practicality of PVC doesn’t lend itself to other apparel and accessories. While the plastic top looks cool, I’d imagine that gets super stiff and super sweaty in a matter of moments. The skirt is adorable but what on earth could you wear under that? And the dress? Forget about sitting… or breathing. My personal favorite offender is the visor. Isn’t the purpose of a visor to block the sun? PVC is much better for blocking rain.

While fashion certainly isn’t always about practicality, these “Playful Plastics” seem like they are no fun to wear.

images from WWD and WGSN


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