Adventures in Montreal

     When deciding on where to do my co-op at, I focused mainly on which company instead of what location. I didn’t prefer to live in New York City, or stay in Philadelphia, but aside from that was open to wherever.  The offers I received all ended up being separated geographically, so very different opportunities presented themselves. I ended up deciding on a position with a denim and clothing company out of Montreal, named Naked & Famous. This choice best fit my interests, and the position also seemed the most rounded.

     Aside from the internship, I knew that I was also making a large commitment moving to Canada in the winter. Along with adjusting to the eminent weather, I also had to try and integrate myself culturally. Montreal is located in the only French-Canadian providence, Quebec. Even though France no longer controls it, much of French culture and their ideals are engrained in Montreal. Add a language barrier to the mix, and my early days in Montreal proved to be an interesting stumble.
     I am only needed at work three days a week, so I’ve been fortunate enough to have plenty of time to explore the city. I have done an array of things so far, trying not to focus too much on any one activity. Montreal has a unique character to it, and many of the venues and businesses reflect that character. One funny and original place I went to was a coffee shop full of cats, called Café Chat l’heureux. The Cat Café was set up like a simple coffee shop, but was also fully equipped with cat furniture and toys. I decided to wait and go with my mother, a secretive cat lover, when she visited. We went one afternoon, not fully sure what to expect. While there, we were lucky enough to find a place on the one couch situated in the back past the tables. We ordered a Milady smoothie, and began patiently waiting for a cat to approach. Soon after getting our drink, a large tabby cat began making its way towards our couch. It hopped up, and comfortably situated itself on a stand next to the couch. The cat, ended up being extremely lovable, making the situation as perfect as possible. We enjoyed our drink, while playing with her for 45 minutes or so. On our way out we saw a picture saying the sweet cat is named Milady, meaning we ordered her signature smoothie without even knowing! The experience ended up being fun and unique, and I’m glad I got to share it with my mother.



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