Winter Wonderland

          One of my favorite things to do every winter is ice skate. I don’t know why, but I have always loved ice skating even though I’ve never been that great at it. As I mentioned before, my office is across the street from Bryant Park and every year they set up an ice rink for public skating. The rink is opened from October 22nd thru March 1st this year and when I found out it was free admission the first thing I did that weekend in October was buy myself a cheap pair of ice skates! I’ve probably been ice skating after work too many times for a normal person, but it’s free and a great way to relax after work.   

          On top of the ice rink, Bryant Park sets up a winter village for the holidays, much like the one at Love Park in Philadelphia. The booths range from having ornaments, Christmas gifts, food, cosmetics, and my personal favorite Max Brenner’s with their free samples! It is lit up with Christmas lights and a Christmas tree, and it is a wonderful place to stroll through at night with friends and a hot chocolate. It has a way of putting you in the best holiday mood, at least for me it does!
            Also, one last sight that is a must see at Bryant Park in the winter is the frozen fountain. As obvious and simple as it sounds it is really beautiful, and takes a great picture. All the girls in my office have lived in New York for years and still go and get a picture of it every winter.

I’ve been so lucky to be able to enjoy all of this being so close, and I am excited to keep abusing the free admission skating up until March if anyone wants to join after work!  


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