I’m not going to lie; this past week at Shoshanna has been boring. It seems to be extra quite around the office and since Monday was a holiday only half the employees were in for us to work with. On top of the fact that there hasn’t been much to do the tasks being assigned to us aren’t ones that are particularly challenging. The only task that I have been engaged in recently is taking weekly Instagram photos. While this is an ongoing task, the lack of other responsibilities has given me a lot of extra time to work on these and get more creative with them. Getting to make my own shots is a fun way to get to be creative and show my bosses what I can do. It also can be a good lesson on staying on brand because all of our photos have to have a certain feel that we need to consider when taking pictures. Walking the line between staying on brand while also being creative can be challenging and it can be very easy to take photos that are too similar and end up making all our social media look boring and flat. In the past week I have been added to our Facebook profile so I can post things from my personal account and I have seen how people who like us have received our posts. While anyone can see how many people like a photo or other posts I now have access to see how many people looked at our pictures and how they are interacting with our brand. It is interesting to see how people like different posts, especially if it is one of the photos I took.

I am hoping this coming week will be filled with more interesting and engaging projects and I am looking forward to the weekend because I am going back to Drexel to visit my friends and go to a philanthropy event for my sorority!                                                                                                                                                                   
A photo from our Instagram I took of the Summer/ Pre-fall evening collection 


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  1. That's fun that you get to be in charge of the Instagram pictures! You definitely get to show you creative side to your bosses. I think taking Jan's class definitely helped us become more creative and allowed us to collage in an interesting way. From the picture it looks like you're doing an amazing job and your bosses will see how creative you are! Congrats girl!

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