From Design to Production

I had the opportunity to experience firsthand how to prepare for a fashion show during my internship at Marc Jacobs. In order to fully grasp what goes into the preparation of a collection, I spent the first half of my internship working for the design team and the second half in production. Dividing my time at Marc Jacobs into two spectrums of the brand allowed me to see the process from start to finish.
I was heavily involved in the research and inspiration process for the Fall/Winter 2014 collection during the first few months of my internship. I enjoyed this process because it allowed me to look through Marc Jacobs’ library, which was an endless collection of photography and fashion books. The designers would assign me topics to research, and I would pull images, which I would later present to them. Throughout the design process, it is only natural for the inspiration to change even weeks before the final collection. I enjoyed being a part of the progression and seeing the final direction Marc went in.
Two months before Marc Jacobs F/W 2014 debut, I transitioned into the sample room to work for the production team. On the production end, I was able to see how the inspiration was coming to life. From the fabrics to silhouettes, I began to get a taste for the route the collection was going in. At first I found working in the sample room to be quite intimidating, because of how hands on and design focused it was. However, I quickly picked up the pace and felt like a significant part of the team. I worked on constructing, and most of the time deconstructing garments, sourcing materials, airbrushing the runway pieces, assisting the sewers and pattern makers, sewing and a wide range of projects. Every day was a new challenge and opportunity to learn something completely new.

I knew the show was just around the corner when vitamins and Advil were conveniently placed in the sample room. There is no time to get sick when preparing for a collection. There is also no room for mistakes, despite the amplified pressure to get every job finished seamlessly and at the speed of light. Thanks to the Zipper Gods (they do exist), I could make a zipper for a garment under a minute. With the increased pressure in the sample room, I learned to be quick and pay attention to every detail to avoid any mistakes. Although hectic, I was more than thrilled to be a part of it all.

The day of the show was surprisingly calm. At the end of the workday, I received my personal invitation and ran home to get ready. I was very fortunate that I was able to attend the show with the MJ team. It was an emotional experience seeing how the collection, and all of our hard work, transferred onto the runway. Overall, my time at Marc Jacobs was truly life changing. The opportunity to be involved in a collection from start to finish is an experience I will never forget.


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