ELLE UK x Berlin Fashion Week

While studying at the London College of Fashion this summer, Jaclyn Fleurant and I took a weekend trip to Berlin. We were super excited because neither one of us had been to Germany before and our trip coincidentally fell during Berlin Fashion Week. Since we just went over the different fashion weeks across the globe in our book, I wanted to share a little story with you all…
At the airport before our flight to Germany, I was getting food, while Jaclyn was scrolling through instagram. She stumbled upon ELLE UK’s post about a street style casting call in Berlin and tagged one of her photos with the directed hashtag #berlinstreetstyle. Shortly after a woman by the name of Charlie from ELLE UK commented back. Jaclyn promoted me of this news and encouraged me to tag my photo as well, within a matter of minutes I received the same comment. They wanted us to contact them via email to schedule a time to meet the next day and we literally started jumping for joy!

However, there was only one problem, we convinced ourselves that nothing we brought to wear would be up to “ELLE standards,” so after our mini panic attack we decided to go shopping when we got there. The next morning we were up bright and early in preparation to hit a few stores before making our meeting at 11 AM. While browsing, I found a pair of chelsea style boots from an Italian brand called Stefanel, and Jaclyn bought a moto style leather jacket from Maje, a Parisian brand.

Now that we had more of an outfit planned, we quickly made our way to the meeting place which was at a hotel not to far away from ours. Upon arriving, two super stylish British editors greeted us in the lobby. They took us to their hotel room that was covered with clothes, shoes, and accessories. The shoot was for the October Issue of ELLE UK and everything they had was fall oriented. They asked to see what we were wearing and then paired it with some their key pieces that needed to be credited in the 
magazine. It was interesting to me that everything was planned out in advance, I always thought that street style shots were spontaneous, but this does not seem to be the case in the magazine world.
The next step was to meet the photographer that would take us near the Spree river, running through the city. They spent about 30 minutes shooting with each of us until they felt like they had the right shot. It was such an awesome and surreal experience, we never thought that our weekend trip would lead us to be in ELLE Magazine and in this case timing was on our side. We ended up being one of the eight girls chosen to be in their monthly story on street style, with JLO on the front cover, I’d say we were pretty lucky!


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