Kate Spade’s On Purpose Program

Today, I received an email from Kate Spade informing me about the speciality pieces that are being featured for Valentines Day. Kate Spade has always been my favorite designer when it comes to both jewelry and handbags.  Little did I know that Kate Spade along with Jack Spade and Kate Spade Saturday all participate in a program called “On Purpose.” This program encourages leadership to a community of artisans in Rwanda. 

After looking through the items, I continued looking more and more into this program and I am surprised that I’ve never heard of it before. This program not only helps the locals of the village, it is also expanding Kate Spade’s global market.  This project focuses on handcrafted items and empowering these men and women to display their talent. Each item purchased helps the basis of this trade industry. Only this community is involved in this program and they are looking to expand to other artisans to teach them. Kate Spade is donating part of their product price, creating jobs for these people and essentially are creating a whole new business model. 

“On Purpose” is a wonderful thing for these men and women in the small village of Masoro. From totes to clutches to bangles, the On Purpose collection offers so many items at a reasonable prices. This program brings opportunities to so many families that couldn’t afford food and its reshaping their lives as a whole. I am definitely buying something from this collection in the near future! 


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