Super Bowl Fashions

The Super Bowl is always a big topic during the last few weeks of January leading up to the big game. This year the conversations are even bigger and more controversial with the ‘Deflategate’ scandal. Super Bowl Sunday is only 5 days away. Families and friends will be gathered around the TV to watch the Patriots take on the Seahawks, see Katy Perry perform at halftime, and discuss all the new commercials, good or bad. Have you made your plans yet?

It is very clear that the Super Bowl is not just about football. People anticipate this big game every year, even those who aren’t football fans or have no clue what the hell is going on during the game. I personally look forward to the Super Bowl each year to see what the fashion industry has to contribute. Last year, for Super Bowl XLVIII Bloomingdales came out with a line of 48 football helmets each created by different fashion designers. Fashion designers included Billy Reid, Helmut Lang, Marchesa, Toms, and many others. So I was curious to see what would fashion do for the Super Bowl this year? Well, not too much as it seems; no big collaborations like last year.

Interestingly, Footwear News put together a selection of shoes that are representative of the Seahawks and the Patriots. I know all you fans out there have already selected their game day outfits, but have you considered the shoes you’re going to wear? Maybe, maybe not. To complete your team-inspired look you better brace the snow today and hunt down these shoes! If you’re going casual, lets think comfortable and chic sneakers. Nike has their Dunk High Tops NFL Seahawks sneakers and for Patriots fans they have the Dunk Lows. Ladies, to wear these Mens sneakers just bump down 1.5-2 shoe sizes. 

Say us girls want something slightly more flattering than a sneaker, don’t worry. Fendi and Philip Lim always have us covered! We’ve got Philip Lim slip-ons (a huge shoe trend right now) for the Seahawks and adorable flats for the Patriots.

It might sound a little crazy to us college students, but there are Black Tie Super Bowl parties. Players’ families, owners of the teams, big wig people in the industry, I’m sure many of them will be attending such events. I can’t help but wonder if their outfit choices will at all reflect the team they “belong” to. Maybe not, as to avoid any confrontations, but who knows what will be worn underneath the gowns. Maybe these Christian Louboutin’s PVC sandals? Or perhaps Nicholas Kirkwood navy suede and lime lace sandals.

There, I just put the pressure on all of you to step-up (literally) your outfits. So, show us what you’ve got this Super Bowl Sunday. Upload onto Instagram, your blog pages, however you post. #SuperbowlXLIXfashion your outfit choice and most importantly, enjoy the game!


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