Snowy Walks Through Central Park

Last week was the highly anticipated horrific snow storm. All over the news, meteorologists were predicting one of the worst snow storms to hit New York City in years. My roommate Ashley and I filled our fridges and made sure we were prepared for whatever happened. We were both lucky and got out of work early on Monday. The head of my company yelled out to everyone in the office to go home because it was a blizzard out. The subway was horrible getting home because of subway delays. Luckily I made it back perfectly fine. That night at 10:00 PM all public transportation was closed. One of my friends got stranded at his friends house because he had no way of getting home. That night while the storm was brewing my roommate and I, made dinner and watched the Bachelor. The next morning there was about nine inches, it was no where near the twenty-six inches that the weather man predicted. Still there was snow on the sidewalks and all over the street. No cars were anywhere in site. After the snow stopped, my boyfriend and I decided to talk a walk through Central Park. It was absolutely beautiful! It was a winter wonder land. There were kids everywhere sledding and some people were carrying skis and snowboards. I honestly have no idea where those people were skiing and snow boarding!

The rest of the day my roommate and I chilled on the couch in our pjs, watching movies. It was a wonderful day off! We really needed a lazy day.

The rest of the week was busy per usual at work. The weekend was a lot of fun! My roommate, Ashley, family was in town. We went to a wonderful dinner at Butter on Saturday night. She chose this restaurant because her little sister (also named Olivia) is obsessed with Gossip Girl and a few scenes were shot at the restaurant. We had amazing desserts too!

We also went to the Empire hotel before dinner in honor of Chuck Bass and got the Chuck Bass cocktail, which was delicious. All in all it was a great week!



  1. Nothing like a good week and nothing like a snow day!! I'm sure the day off was much needed and it was absolutely beautiful out. You are so luck you got to walk through Central Park; I can only imagine how amazing everything looked. Also, it's always great when family comes in town, whether it's yours or not you always seem to get a nice meal out of it haha! Hope this week is as great as the last!

  2. Your snow day sounds so nice and relaxing! It's always nice to have the day off an not feel guilty about having a lazy day around the house… the city being shut down is a perfect excuse. I also understand your pain of it taking forever to get home. Everyone seriously panicked about the storm, which wasn't even bad!
    That food looks and sounds amazing! I agree with Rachel that it is so nice when family comes to visit.

  3. There is nothing like a good snow day. I was hoping for a snow day here in Philadelphia from the same blizzard, Juno, but no we did not. We had the same chaotic craze about the blizzard here too, but we did not get close to 9 inches the next morning- there was not even an inch of snow-maybe a centimeter or two if we were lucky! But enough about that- your snow day sounded truly amazing and fun! Nothing like good lazy days, and Central Park is one of my favorite place to go especially during the winter… well when there is actually snow on the ground.

  4. Aside from transportation issues, your snow day sounds lovely! I would love to take a walk through central park when there is fresh snow on the ground, it must've been beautiful. I always loved having snow days when I was a kid, and your post reminds me of those days. One year the snow was as tall as me! It doesn't snow as much here in Philly as it does at home, so probably not much luck for a lazy snow day here. Having a lazy relaxed snow day like yours in NYC sounds amazing, and your lucky that you get to have experiences like that, I hope someday I'll be lucky enough too!

  5. When you come from a tropical island in the Caribbean you don't get experiences like this. I came to Philly this past September for school and the first time I saw snow (even if it was one inch or less) I got extremely excited and thought that everything looked beautiful around me, I even made my roommate to come downstairs with me. I was really expecting this “blizzard” but it would be for the next time. However, all of the pictures that I saw from New York including your, looked incredibly beautiful. Snow days look like a perfect day to relax and take a little break from the world.

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