Fall Photo Shoot

This past week has been crazy busy with our fall photo shoot. Thursday was full of prep for the photo shoot, which started the next day. Some tasks were easy such as clearing the show room where the photo shoot was taking place while other were more labor intensive. One of the biggest projects I had to do all day was deconstruct a few garments that had been made. Because of production reasons the skirt on a dress needed to be changed and beads needed to be taken off one dress. Taking apart the garments was so sad because I knew how much time had been put into them and many already looked so good the way they were. There was one dress that needed the skirt changed on in it and once the top was paired with the new bottom it looked so much better that I was actually a little bit happy that it needed to be changed.
Friday was the shoot for our evening collection and it was the first time anyone had worn the garments. It was so great to see how everything looked on a person. I have such a hard time visualizing how some dresses go from being flat to 3D on a person. Some dresses that I didn’t like, as much off the body I now love having seen them on the model! Seeing the dresses come to life in the photo shoot is making me wish I had a formal event to wear one to!
We continued the photo shoot on Monday with the day collection, and like the evening shoot it was fun to finally see everything on a person after seeing them hang in the show room for so long. For most of the day we were just shooting the look book, which doesn’t involve as much creativity as it serves as a way for buyers to see photos of the collection. Later in the day we started shooting editorials for the website which was when things got more interesting. Shooting the editorials was so great because I had been working on researching ideas for them for a few weeks and seeing everything come to life was so fun. We got a lot of great shots for the website however the one disappointment was the shot we had planned to do with glitter didn’t work out. We didn’t have a great enough volume of glitter in order to make it visible in the photos so we weren’t able to get the shot we wanted. Despite the set back with the glitter shot it was so fun to work on the photo shoot and see how everything came together for the look book and the editorials.

My favorite dress from the evening collection!

Another dress from the evening collection with glitter from our failed shot. 


  1. I love the pictures you posted! That's so exciting that you got to decorate some of the garments! That's so cool that you got to be behind the scenes at the photo shoot. I always love looking at the pictures for editorials, so that's so awesome that you got to see it up close and personal!

  2. What a fun experience! I also have to sometimes deconstruct garments and it is a little sad to see something so beautiful torn apart! That's cool that you got to see both the cookbook shots and the editorials and the difference between the two. You don't realize that these type of things need to be done separately but the merchandising part of the editorials makes all the difference.

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