It’s my favorite time of the year, New York City Fashion Week! Mercedes Benz is one of our clients and since they sponsor New York City Fashion Week, we get to work almost all the shows! On Thursday, another one of our clients does a majority of the make up and hair for the shows. So I was in charge of checking in all of the Beauty Press backstage for the shows. The press are allowed to interview the make up and hairstylists and get behind the scene photos of the models getting primped before the show. The first show I worked was Honor. It was held at a warehouse near the High Line in Soho. It was so cool to see all the models get there hair and make up done. There was also a ton of food backstage and I was so surprised by how much of the food the models ate! After press was all signed in and the show was getting ready to start, I was able to watch the show. Since some of the seats were empty they asked if I wanted to sit! I got to sit 2nd row at the Honor show. I felt very important to be sitting. Not too far sitting from me was Christina Hendricks, from Mad Men, singer, Regina Spektor, and fashion blogger of the Man Repeller, Leandra Medine. The show was absolutely amazing with long silk dresses and fun quirky prints. 

On Friday night, I got to work the Nicole Miller show at Lincoln Center. The heart of where Mercedes Benz Fashion Week takes place. I had a VIP Nicole Miller backstage pass, which was very cool and will keep forever. I was in charge of signing people in and escorting editors backstage. The backstage was packed and filled with tons of press and make up artists and hairstylists getting the models ready for the show. 
Me along with my other intern friend Kellie, got to watch the Nicole Miller show. It was so fun to observe everyone in the audience and see what they were wearing. We stood not to far away from Miss America, Miss Universe, Miss Teen American and actress, Lilly Collins. I’m obsessed with Lilly Collins and resisted not going up to say “Hi.” The show was beautiful and filled with rich color and prints for Fall 2015. I’m very excited to see what shows I’ll get to work next week!



  1. This is so cool! I love getting to hear about all the shows you get to work and it makes me wish that my company did a big show! I love getting to see all your photos and can't wait to see what you are working next week!

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