The Show

          Yesterday was the Derek Lam show, held in Chelsea at a small, chic venue. I was assigned to be a dresser for the models backstage which I was super excited to do. I first arrived at the venue 3 hours before the 12 o’clock show. Backstage was already bustling with photographers, hair and makeup artists, models, and interviews. Once I was checked in I was sent to a curtained off area where the Fall collection was just being delivered from the office. From there, we had to separate the looks by which model was wearing it. Luckily, each look was already put together in a garment bag so we just had to match it with the photos of the models hanging around the room. The garments still had to be steamed and rolled with a lint roller to ensure they were in perfect condition for the runway. As we were getting the final details together, I look across the room and there was Anna Wintour going over the looks with Derek. My heart almost dropped!! I couldn’t believe I was 5 feet away from such a fashion legend. Overall, I was pretty surprised about how smoothly things went and how organized the whole process was. While the models were still in hair and makeup, I got to peek and see who we had walking in the show. I knew almost all of the models as I follow them on social media, it was so cool to be able to work with them. 

            As the models came filing in, we were each assigned one to dress. I had two models I was responsible for, each of which I recognized from campaigns they had done, which was really cool!! I got to speak with them as I got them in their looks and they were both really sweet. Once the models were all dressed in their looks, they stomped out into their order and walked the runway with ease. The show went flawlessly and the crowd absolutely loved the collection. After the show, I hung up my models looks and they quickly got dressed and were off to others shows that started in just an hour! It all happened so quickly! All of this preparation and hard work by so many people for a presentation that went on for about 7 minutes! But all in all, it was such an awesome experience and I’m so glad I got to witness everything that goes on behind the scenes. 

                                                  The looks from the Fall 2015 collection.

                                                 Model as she comes off the runway.

                                                          Dressing model, Imaan backstage.

Last minutes touches before she took the runway!


  1. The day sounds super crazy and busy, but also so much fun! That is so exciting getting to work the fashion week show and be able to see how everything comes together. This is such a great experience to have under your belt and the Derek Lam collection looks beautiful!

  2. This sounds like so much fun!! What an amazing experience! That's such a huge responsibility to be in charge of two models. I've worked some runway shows but been in charge of signing in press. I know models can be difficult, so I hope the two models you were in charge of were nice. The Derek Lam collection does look beautiful!

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