This week has been one of the best at Shoshanna! On Friday we had an event for fashion week in our showroom. Since we don’t do a runway show, we held an event in our showroom for bloggers to come see our new collection and to get their make up touched up in between shows. Buyers and editors have been coming by the show room for a few weeks but otherwise not too many people have seen the collection so having the bloggers come allowed a different group to get a first look. It was a really fun afternoon of the guests getting a chance to relax between shows and catch up with their friends as well as make new connections. The environment was very relax which prompted the guest to stay for a long time and browse the collection.
This was the first time we had done an event like this during fashion week and everyone was so happy with the turn out! The bloggers who came loved the fall collection and there were conversations of how everyone wanted to style the new clothes.

            While the event was a lot of fun and went really well there was so much prep that went into getting everything ready. Almost all day on Thursday I was busy prepping the showroom and running around to pick up small things we needed to make the showroom more beautiful. Friday morning was also a whirlwind, as we had to rush to get everything ready after the sales team had a meeting with a buying team. Luckily we had some girls come from our PR firm as well a bunch of girls from Elizabeth Arden, the makeup company we had at the event, to help set everything up. I had been helping to put together the event for a few weeks so it was so great to see everything come together. Another fun perk of getting to work the event was that I got to wear a sample dress from our resort collection. Since I got to pick from the samples in the office I chose a dress that was dropped from the collection so the one I got to wear was the only one that will ever be made. I loved wearing it and the only downside to the whole day was when I had to give it back. Working on the event was one of my favorite projects so far at Shoshanna and while I am sad its over I’m so happy it went well!
Table of food ready for guests at our event!


  1. I think that's a pretty great strategy on the part of the company. While there is a certain level of prestige that's associated with being at runway shows, I'm sure the attendees appreciate something different to sort of break things up. The event sounds like it would be refreshing for them!

  2. I got to know to about this event from one of my friend and he was quite happy after attending it and told me it was refreshing one. Even I had to accompany him but then got busy with my event management assignments at the last moment.

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