Out of Commission

     I, embarrassingly, don’t have much to write about this week.
     After a great Valentine’s weekend, I woke up on Monday feeling a little off. By that evening I knew I had picked up some kind of bug (which seems to also have hit a good number of the people I know) and it promptly knocked my right on my rear end. I’ve been like that pretty much ever since.
     A cold doesn’t often put me out of commission, and normally I’m quite annoyed when it does…but given the weather lately, I’m hardly mad. If there’s any “acceptable” time to get sick, then snowy, freezing mid-February sounds about right.
     I’m not entirely useless, however. I’ve been going through photos I’ve taken in the Dirty Room and labeling them with their object numbers. This will help speed up the spreadsheet-making process later.
     So, today I’ll take this chance to post some photos that wouldn’t have made the cut for my more text-heavy posts. In the end, it is actually kind of relevant. 🙂



  1. I'm sorry you've been feeling sick! On a positive note, at least you can have some rest. It's great that you've been doing some work at home while you relax so that you can speed up your process when you go back. That's very smart of you to divide up your work like that! I hope you feel better soon, and that fur cape is stunning! 🙂

  2. I definitely feel for you about the best time getting sick is when its mid-polar vortex outside!! I too have been feeling a little under the weather, but in the meantime I've been getting a lot of little things done at home that I wouldn't have had time for otherwise. I'm glad you shared these photos, those pieces are awesome! Those embellished white slippers and that fur cape-thing are definitely something I would like to have in my closet! Get well soon!

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