6 Months Later

     My final week at the FHCC has been, honestly, pretty uneventful on my end. I’m okay with that, though. The Dirty Room spreadsheet is around 2/3 of the way done, and I plan on continuing to chip away at it during break, so the first version will be finished by the time classes start back up.
     Considering I also plan on volunteering here when I can, the slow burn ending seems appropriate. Some Co-Op students end their internship and say goodbye forever – I’m not.
     Aside from that, I’ve been doing other odd tasks like making “arms” for our mannequins (nylon pantyhose filled with cotton batting does a nice job of filling out sleeves), picking up items we need, cleaning, and whatever else I’m asked to do. Really, there’s not much to talk about in terms of what I’ve been doing at my job since the last time I posted.
     I guess the only thing left to talk about is this: Where am I going from here?
     Well – I won’t be going into the Art History world. As much as I’ve fallen for it, I feel I’m too far behind in too competitive of a field to even try getting in. The realization was somewhat disheartening at first, but I’ve accepted it and moved on. Once upon a time I heard someone say, “Crushes are called crushes for a reason”. It’s pretty applicable.
     I’m absolutely going to continue blogging, though! Writing was a daily part of my life for years, and while I’m not sure how it managed to become dormant for so long, I really appreciate the d&m@Work blog for reintroducing me to that side of myself. I created a personal blog back in January that I haven’t attended to lately, so that will be something I continue working out outside of Drexel. I’m also very much beginning to consider making writing a possibility for a job. I would love to work at a magazine or on a blog!
     In terms of academics, I’m going to keep on with my D&M coursework, but also try and fit some classes that I personally would like to take (like History of Costume!) I will graduate in Spring 2016, which seems far & close at the same time. From there, life is a little bit of a mystery. I’m not scared, however, but am excited to see what the future holds. 🙂
     Thank you, Drexel, for creating the Co-Op program.
     Thank you, Clare, for choosing me out of all others.
     Thank you to the people I work with for being patient, teaching me, and showing me new things.
     I am eternally grateful.

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