Born to be a New Yorker

I fell in love with New York at the ripe age of ten years old. It is tradition in my family that for your tenth birthday you are taken on a trip, and my mom decided to take me to the big city. We went with two other newly ten years old little girls and their moms who were college friends of my mom’s. I remember flying above New York and seeing the lights, and being in awe as we walked through the streets. New York immediately seized my heart, and I knew that was where I ultimately needed to be. 
When the time came around for college my parents were very against any ideas of me moving to New York from our small town in Colorado. The idea of their firstborn little girl alone in the big city at the age of 18 was a little overwhelming, but they settled for Philadelphia. During freshman year I frequently visited the city when opportunity arose, staying with friends or family. I also got the chance to work a fashion event in the city during spring from connections through a sorority sister of mine. Her boss, Arrael, was helping out at a big fashion event and was looking for some extra help, so I offered to volunteer. I loved the energy of the city and working a big event and did everything I could to impress my sorority sister’s boss. I was invited back to work the event again this past October and asked to send my resume to Arrael. A week later I was asked to interview and a couple weeks after that I received one of the most exciting emails of my life. I had been asked to intern at Lividini & Co. in New York City three days a week. 

Every day I have spent in the city has only confirmed my intuition that it is where I belong. There is something intangibly exciting and fulfilling about being in the city. And even though it has been difficult commuting on a two hour bus three days a week, getting the opportunity to regularly experience New York and experience working there rather than just being a tourist has been a dream. What is even better is how much I love my internship in this amazing city! 
My first trip to NYC – 10  years old



  1. Leah it is so amazing to learn that you are fulfilling dreams that you had at such a young age! NYC truly is an endless adventure without a doubt. It is encouraging to read about how you went from your parents not wanting you to go to school there to traveling there by bus alone every week. It takes a very independent and driven person to do so! I must admit that I thought of NYC as a city to attend school, but it was just too big for me at the time. I am excited to read more about your experience in the big city.

  2. It is so awesome that you are able to commute to the city and still be here part time in the city that you love so much. Keep working hard and you will be living here in no time. I can't wait to hear about your internship. Good luck!

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