Commuting by Train


One of the most beautiful buildings in Philadelphia is 30th street station. The ceiling appears to be miles away with intricately designed squares that recede into space. Every time I enter the vast heart of the building the ceiling captures my sight, making me feel small.
Everyone seems to have a place, and they all move to a rhythm that I have yet to learn. People all seem to be on schedules almost simultaneously looking at the clock or at their watch as if they fear that they have lost it. No one talks to each other and everyone is focused on getting to that final destination, which for me is New York.
When taking the train New York doesn’t feel so far, the ride is about an hour and a half, but feels shorter if you are able to occupy your time. Generally I bring a book to read so that I can drown out the sounds of business phone calls and pre-scheduled meetings in the café car. On today’s traveling excitement I am diving head first into Divergent…


One comment

  1. Hi Devon,

    I spent a lot of time in 30th Street Station when I commuted to New York for my co-op last year. I spent most morning rides sleeping and was on my computer on the way home. The faces I saw every morning became very familiar after a few months, many of them who said they had been commuting to New York everyday for years. I did not mind commuting for six months but I can imagine it would get to be a bit grueling after several years.

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