Italy in Philly

Hello d&m bloggers, I’m Emily! I have done blogging once before while I was abroad in Italy and I am excited to continue throughout my coop experience. I guess I will start off with introducing my co-op.
Apparently I cannot give up my connection to Italy, because I am working as a Media & Event Planner for the Consulate of Italy in Philadelphia. This is the office for people to obtain visas, passports, and citizenship to Italy and from Italy to the US. My main responsibility is to help the Consul General plan the 2nd Annual “Ciao Philadelphia”. The event takes place in October with over 30 events surrounding Italian arts, culture & community.
I am responsible in keeping the event running smoothly, communicating with contacts, creating graphics, and updating the website and social media as necessary. They are changing their logo to my design, which I am really excited about! I actually came into my interview prepared with a new logo, and they loved it!
Currently I have been helping just get things organized and to reach out to new event prospects and reach out to magazines, newspapers, and TV stations about promoting our event and shooting a commercial. I’ve also been creating newsletters and documents for the Consul General to present the new graphics and such to clients, sponsors, and partners.
I am most looking forward to creating the graphics and website, because I have always been interested in graphic design, and they will be great additions to my portfolio. I also am looking forward to all of the events in October, which I will do my best to attend while taking classes in the fall.
There is another intern working alongside me, he is an international business major, so he is more focused with the politicians and government connections, while I am here to help change their image into a fresh and contemporary look.
Everyone has been very welcoming in the office so far, and I love my commute to Independence Hall. We’re right next-door and the building is beautiful, plus the Consul General’s office has a gorgeous view of Independence Hall and the city.
I am excited to share my graphics once they are approved and sharing my co-op experience!

The outside of the Italian Consulate


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  1. This is such a fun co-op! It's completely different then most D&M majors. That's great to have different experiences then everyone else. I cannot wait to see how this co-op turns out and how the event goes!

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