Thriving off of Philly

As I have reached my senior year as a Design and Merchandising student I have realized that it is important to go for any opportunities that may come your way because you never know where it will take you; even if it seems like a small one. In reality, no opportunity is “small.”

I have learned a lot about the things that I want to do within the fashion industry and I know that it will take time to get there and every internship, job or experience will lead me there. For now, I have re-fallen in love with Philadelphia. When I was a junior I co-oped at NINObrand in Rittenhouse and my eyes opened to all of the possibilities that were right here in this amazing city. I used to think that I had to go to NYC or California to pursue my dreams right away. That is not the case. I have met so many people that truly thrive off of the Philly culture and they have inspired me to continue exploring this city and the fashion that is so prevalent in it.

After completing my co-op I came to the realization that I needed a part-time job during my last year as a Drexel student. This is the time to try out different avenues; while we are students. Before settling into a career I think that it is important to test the waters so that is exactly what I am doing.

Currently I work as a sales associate at Knit Wit, a women’s boutique in Center City. Everyday is different as I get to work with a variety of women, yet they seem familiar because of the Philly culture that I talked about earlier. I see new faces and I see ones that I’ve met while working at NINObrand. It is a great feeling to know what the woman is looking for as she walks in the door because you have worked with her or this type of person before. Working in a independently owned boutique is a personal experience and I find it comforting to be able to understand this “Philadelphia woman.” I learn about this customer more and more each day and it is thrilling and only helps me be better at my job. I am excited to learn more and continue feeding off of “The City of Brotherly Love.”


  1. I think its such a great point that there is no such thing as a small opportunity! I have also found this to be true, where seemingly small things, lead to bigger and better things! I also love that you noted that there is a lot of great fashion in Philly, and you don't have to only go to NYC or California to get great experience.

  2. I agree, if you love Philadelphia and have grown to love fashion in Philadelphia as well, you should embrace that! I have also worked for a small independently owned boutique in Philadelphia and loved the intimacy of knowing many of your customers and being able to cater to them, as you have said above. Good luck in your time at Knit Wit.

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