Coming Soon: Until S oon

My co-op experience was with my life-long favorite brand, Anthropologie. The way I got my co-op is a true networking success story. In 2012, I found out that the Chief Design and Merchandising Officer of Anthropologie, Wendy Wurtzburger, would be the alumni speaker that year at my little high school in Memphis, Tennessee. At first, the connection seemed too good to be true. After multiple phone calls and email exchanges, I managed to schedule a one-on-one meeting with Wendy at URBN’s headquarters. By the time my co-op cycle rolled around, Wendy had become the Head Curator for Anthropologie and I worked on her team with two others. Three months into my co-op, Wendy left the company. The experience was like watching a monument fall, but we all knew this wasn’t the last we would see of Wendy Wurtzburger.

On March 4, 2015, Womenswear Daily published an article titled “Wendy Wurtzburger Unveils Until S oon.” The article explains that Until S oon is a high-end sweater collection that Wendy created with designer, Linda Trau, and producer, Michelle Gondolini ( The 32-piece collection is partly inspired by ballerina dancewear and is made of luxurious materials such as cashmere and lambs wool. Wendy is quoted saying, “we wanted to create a collection that appeals to women who are culturally curious and passionate about good design” (  There is also an appreciation for artisan work seen in this collection. The space between the S and O in the brand’s name is meant to imply a dropped stitch or a similar imperfection that comes with handmade clothing. The name is also how Mitzi Wong, the previous Creative Director of Home at Anthropologie, signs letters. I smiled at this, as Mitzi signed her emails to me with “until soon” when we corresponded about must-see museums and boutiques while I was studying abroad.
I couldn’t have been happier reading this article about my old boss and her new project. As graduation fast approaches, I believe many of us D&M’s (myself included) feel that large corporate design and fashion brands are where we need to be. It is easy to forget about small operations, such as Until S oon, that are doing unique and exciting work. While I may want to work for a big brand name now, I see the appeal in working intimately for a small label with a different approach. This story also teaches me that hard work and vast experience can prepare someone to launch their own company. It is a difficult thing for me to imagine at this time, but who knows what could happen 25 years from now.

If you’re curious, Until S oon will be in stores next fall at a price point ranging from $300 to $600. According to the article, the collection will be found in designer departments when it has its limited distribution. The complete lookbook can be found on
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