5:30am Wakeup Call

Commuting involves waking up early and managing to get yourself together before most people get up. Even though this might be frustrating or fatiguing at times there are often good things that outweigh the hassles. The sunrise that happens at just around 5:45am is worth waking up for. As I walk toward the bus every morning through a typical Philadelphia parking lot, filled with trash and filth, the sun rise is the only thing that my eyes can focus on. For some reason it makes me feel like I am designed to be up when the sun rises, and it makes me feel like I shouldn’t feel as tired as I am… The sunrise gets me through my day, just thinking about the one that I will see tomorrow.


  1. I love your picture! It is awesome that you can find the beauty in the hard 5:30am commute. Being able to motivate yourself in some way is always the key! Good luck in your travels in the future!

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