A Shot at Social Media

After working strictly on the sales floor at Knit Wit for a few months, I was asked to help out with the social media aspects of the store. This included Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and sending emails to customers. A lot of the content was advertising a new sale or new merchandise that was in the store. I used my photo-shopping skills that I learned here at Drexel to create ads that matched the Knit Wit brand. It is extremely important to create images that reflect the brand or else it does not really make sense. When a customer sees a post from Knit Wit they should automatically know where it is coming from, so each post should have the same aesthetic as the last. I found this to be exciting as I was reaching many people at once with my own work for a very well-known business. Social media fascinates me because it is so quick to change and one image is seen by a multitude of people. This was a cool opportunity for me and it never really felt like “work” because I enjoy using these media platforms everyday for personal use. I no longer do the social media for the store, but a new intern does who is also a D&M at Drexel! Follow the store on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @knitwitonline.

A sale post that went to Instagram, Facebook and an email blast. 

New merchandise from a brand called Skull Cashmere. I created this in Photoshop and it went to Instagram and Facebook.


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