From PA to HI

12 hours. Thats how long it took me to fly from the only place I have ever lived to my brand new home on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. When I found out after five rounds of interviews that I had been selected to be the District Managers intern for San Lorenzo Bikinis I was ecstatic. I knew moving to Hawaii for three months would be a big change but I was ready for the adventure. I have been here for about four weeks now and I am finally getting adjusted to the ‘island life.’ I did not realize how long it would take me to adjust to the 6 hour time difference and that being away from my family and friends would be so difficult. However, the decision to come here is one of the best I have ever made. At first, learning to  use the public bus system was a disaster, the first time I ever took it to work I ended up at the top of the mountains on the East side of the island, oops. Now I am a pro after getting much needed tips and always finding friendly people to help me out.

Although Oahu is the most developed of the Hawaiian island it is still vastly different than living in Philadelphia. Everything is very laid back here, and people are constantly outside doing physical activity. And of course everywhere you look there is something amazing. The beaches and mountains still fascinate me. And at any given time you can see double rainbows throughout the day. I am learning so much about the Hawaiian culture and how things are run here. Everyday after work I look forward to heading to the beach to see the beautiful sunset over Waikiki beach. I am truly lucky to be able to work and play in such a inspiring and magical place.



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