What’s Your Story?

Everyone has a story to tell. As if Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter weren’t enough, companies are looking for new online outlets to engage customers on a personal level. Meet Steller: an application that gives users the opportunity to create, explore, follow and share multi-page stories using photos, videos, and text. Steller has quickly become an outlet for brands to extend their message. Companies like Urban Outfitters are using this platform to share look books, recipes, and campaigns.
With the influx of social media, companies are doing everything they can to keep their brand image cohesive across all platforms. This poses a challenge for brands to keep their story consistent. It also allows them to be more creative, encouraging more image-based content. Applications like Steller and Instagram convey the image of the brand while allowing a personalized user experience.






Users have become significantly more attracted to social outlets that engage them on a personal level. As Ken Downings’ addressed in his speech, brands have to make customers desire the product. Without desire, it is just clothes. In order to create this endless thirst, social platforms have to speak the language of their target customer. One way companies aimed to achieve this is through blogging. Blogging has become an extension of a brand. This allows them to express their story beyond images or 150 characters on Twitter. Regardless, our generation is naturally inclined to use applications due to its ease of use. But with the invention of Steller, the user and brand will get exactly what they want. The user gets more ease, while the brand gains more traction and engagement.

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