Planning and Logo!

Here is my logo for Ciao Philadelphia 2015! The planning has been going really well with floods of sponsorships and events under wraps! I cannot wait for October to come around and see all of this hard work pay off. We’ve been mailing and emailing sponsors and potential sponsors all week. We send them a huge packet of information about Ciao Philadelphia, which includes the logo I designed, presentation/proposal, and event template designed by me! It is really cool to see my work, but after 40+ letters and presentations, I’m almost sick of looking at the logo! It still needs approval from higher up and I tinker around with it all the time, but I think this approach is simple, modern, and clear. I obviously distorted the skyline to put more of a focus on city hall, but I think a lot of the buildings are recognizable now. I am thrilled that my creation will soon be the face of this large event! If you want to learn more visit still needs updating! But info is here).

One comment

  1. I think your logo is awesome! I checked out the website and I think your logo is very clear and truly embodies the feel of the event. I also think your logo is an emprovement for the one that is currently on the site. I like the big and clear lettering and the colors. Great job!

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