UH Pop Up Shop

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to work at a San Lorenzo Pop Up Shop. A Pop Up Shop is where a brand brings some of their merchandise to a location that is not their store to sell it for a discounted price. We had our Pop Up Shop at the University Of Hawaii at Manoa.
I met the store manager of the Pucks Alley store location, which is the one closestes to UH Manoa at 7:30am at the store. We proceeded to pack up the merchandise that she had gotten pre approved to take to the Shop. We took bins of older style bikini tops and bottoms ranging from $10-$30, great deals since our bikinis usually start at $60 for just one piece. We also took some of the newest collection, La Boheme and made it 20% for the students. Finally, we took two of the smaller collections that were a little bit older, I Dream of Eden and Heatwave and made them 50% off. We also packed decorations to make a lounge.
We arrive around 8:30am to set up because the Pop Up started at 9am. My supervisor was also there along with the company’s Marketing Assistant. We were based right in the center of their campus, which was a great location. We had good foot traffic all day. We also had a couple brand ambassadors working the event. They were taking pictures with the students in the lounge and putting flash tattoos on them.

My supervisor and I were busy ringing people up and informing them of the Pucks Alley location and the various sales it would be having. We stayed there until 5pm and then packed up to bring everything back to the store. The sales we made were very good and I had a great time getting to interact with the students and doing something different. I wish that we had more events like this at Drexel because I know I would definitely be shopping them.


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