Window Displays

Working two different jobs is my favorite part about being on Co-op. I get to work one corporate job and I also get to work one retail position. My corporate job is a medium price point retailer and my retail job is a higher end boutique. I love getting two different perspectives of a small boutique with high prices and a large corporate company.

There are very different responsibilities at each job because one is working in a store and one job is working in an office. This weekend I was able to redo the window display at the boutique. The owner is designing her Spring Summer 2016 line in Serbia right now so she emailed me the pieces to switch and I helped to change the display for her. It was interesting to see how she designed the window. In my Visual Merchandising class we got to design a window display. This made it an easy and quick job for me to change the window display because I have been trained at Drexel on how to do this prior. Below are the pictures of the before and after Window Displays!  
We changed the display to a more colorful and spring look to cater to the season and the good weather
Window Display Before

Window Display After

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