Graduation is fast approaching and the bookstore is in full spring to prepare for it. Last week was spent preparing and drafting ideas for the new window display. My co-worker and I bounced ideas off each other for the window. We settled on a three part window. The first window display holds only one girl mannequin. We decided she would be the girl who was going to continue to go to school after graduating. We dressed her up in comfy lounge attire and paired her with study materials and books. The next section of the main window includes two male mannequins and one woman. We dressed these mannequins in regalia. They were paired with some giftware for their future careers. We included some Drexel business card holders, leather envelope pad holder, as well as a golden Drexel pen. The final section of mannequins were dressed to go hiking after graduation. We dressed them in performance wear to show off some great new athletic pieces we got in. They were paired with maps, backpacks, and water bottles. We decorated the rest of the window with new t-shirts to place in cubes. We added some presents and confetti. It was such a fun window to create. I felt so proud to see my ideas come to life. I never thought I would be good at visual merchandising but I’m happily surprised with the outcome.


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