90’s: Forever Trending

Something that I’ve heard a lot is that “fashion is constantly changing and it’s changing quickly.” Well… this is obvious, but just because it’s “changing” does not mean that it is becoming something “new.” In fact, I am here to prove that fashion is a “style recycler.”

Growing up in the 90’s consisted of many pairs of denim overalls, choker necklaces, plaid, jean jackets, side bangs and who could forget about those jelly sandals our mother’s made us wear? Just before I thought that I would never see a jean skirt again, I look around campus and am suddenly stuck in an episode of “Dawson’s Creek.” I have to admit that I was not fond of the idea of bringing back certain looks from this grungy era, but it is definitely growing on me and now I am wishing that my mom had saved some of her infamous 90’s pieces and regretting getting rid of my overalls.
Here are a few 90’s trends that have made a comeback in the past year. Who knows how long they’ll last, but we might as well have fun and take advantage of these nostalgic styles while we can!

One comment

  1. It's great to see a post from June be true almost a half year later! The trend is still strong months later, but may be approaching it's apex. What is helping to fuel the trend may be television, with shows like Empire and Scream Queens also paying homage to the 90's with nostalgic flashback scenes. While I am on board with a lot of these trends (Doc Martens, flannels, and crop tops), I have also seen the global affects of the trend. When I was abroad in Japan my classmates wore scrunchies with their school uniforms and wore jelly sandals or chokers on the weekend. While these trends in the actual 90's may have not made it overseas, they're definitely reaching them now due to rapidly increasing digital communication. The comparatively goofy styles of the actual 90's have now been polished and updated, which is a perfect example of the “Style recycling” you mentioned.

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