Knit Wit began a social media campaign called #styledbyknitwit, which is a way to get the sales associates/stylists involved on Instagram! I had so much fun picking out my favorite pieces from the store to style together for a little photo shoot by our social media intern, Claire.

There are always items in the store that I have my eye on, so it was exciting to be able to put them on and express my personal style. I think that it’s important for a sales associate to be able to put looks together because it enables us to tell the customers about how certain things fit as well as what looks good together. Many customers come into the store looking to buy an entire outfit. This becomes an easier task when we have previously put looks together ourselves and we can even show the customer a picture of what it looks like all together.

#styledbyknitwit is also a way for customers to gain trust in the stylists at the store! If they see successful outfits being made and posted online, they will trust that we know what we are talking about which will lead to a better customer-employee relationship.

Below are images from my style sessions!



  1. This is awesome! I agree that this is a great way for the sales associates in the store to be able to interact with their customers on a deeper level and gain their confidence. I have seen the social media campaign #styledbyknitwit from some of my other friends as well which has intrigued me in the store already. I wasn't too involved in the store before but it made me check it out, where I probably would'nt have in the past. It gives outsiders a good picture of what you have in the store and what outfits they can make from the store.

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