Being a Tourist for the Week

This past week I was super excited to have my best friend Morghan come visit me in Hawaii. Although I had to work three days out of the week my boss gave me Memorial Day off as well as a half-day on Thursday so I could spend time with her. We spent the week going to different beaches on the Island. We even kayaked a half-mile off of Lanakai Beach to the Mokupu Islands.
We also went to different restaurants each night and spent part of the day shopping at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet and in Waikiki. On Friday we hiked the Diamond Head Mountain and then spent the rest of the day at the exclusive Kahala Beach. At night we went to the local bars and clubs. Morghan liked Hawaii so much that she changed her flight and extended it for two more days. I was happy to have a good friend here and be able to explore Hawaii. Working two jobs keeps me extremely busy and I felt as though I haven’t been able to see too much yet. Having Morghan here was a nice break from work and a great experience for us to be able to see a new place together.

Hiking Diamond Head 

Relaxing on Kahala Beach 

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