At San Lorenzo the window displays get changed every season, the outfits on the mannequins updating every three days. At each store there is a Store Manager, an Inventory Manager, and a Merchandising Marketing Manager, who does the window displays. At our busiest store location in the Alamoana Center there is currently no Merchandising Marketing Manger. So the window display responsibility falls on my boss, which then falls on me. I was super excited about this opportunity and felt I was well prepared because I already took Visual Merchandising.
The window theme that was chosen for summer was a nautical theme. I began Pinteresting ideas and once I was confident in them presented them to my boss. To my pleasure she loved the ideas and we began working immediately. We had a budget of $200 and really had to plan everything out. My boss was very impressed with my skills and I felt that proud that I knew so much about windows from Visual Merchandising. We went with the idea of wrapping rope around wire to spell out San Lorenzo. We watched tutorials on how to macramé and learned the proper way to dip dye fringe. I am extremely happy with the outcome of the project and was super excited to see my ideas come to life.


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