Calm before the Storm

Have you ever felt so calm about something that it makes you nervous that you’re not more worried? I’m currently feeling that right now: The 2015 Drexel Fashion Show is in two days, and I should probably be freaking out, but I’m oddly calm.
There could be several reasons for this:
The Google Drive: Forget when you’re selling tickets? Can’t remember if you’ve gotten your t-shirt? Should the Press Release be sent today? – Have no fear: somewhere, someone on the team has set up a beautiful Google Doc to tell you what is happening with who and when. 
Coffee: No explanation needed.
Netflix: See Coffee for reason.
And the Team, of course:
Our Faculty Director Catherine and Student Director Claire (or Their Royal Highnesses, the Queen and Princess of Producing the Drexel Fashion Show): These two women are so amazing and organized that even when you think there’s no possible solution to a problem, they smile and tell you that something will work out – and it always does. They are leaders in every definition: empowering, managing, guiding, decision making. They have eyes on everything: a true talent. The show would not happen without these two.
Our Garment Coordinators, Julia and Courtney: If you want to see what extreme attention to detail looks like, find these two rockstars and ask to see their garment list. Over 200 garments are in the show and they know every one down to a beading detail on the strap of a dress. Magic. 
Our Model Coordinator, Ana: Whether she’s tracking down late models or finalizing details for the Show, everything is always under control with the Models as long as Ana is in charge. She keeps it drama-free: a real feat.
Our Ticket Sales Coordinators, Taylor and Diana: Those Google docs I mentioned earlier? Livesavers in terms of pushing ticket sales. These ladies kept track of online, in person and day-of sales while keeping numbers in check and making sure we had every opportunity to sell tickets. What’s a show without any ticket buyers?
My co-Marketing and PR Coordinator, Jaclyn: The creative mind of our team, Jaclyn has kept the glamour in our Marketing adventures. She’s a fabulous communicator and our skill sets have really complemented each other.  Take a look at our instagram @drexelfashion15  and see the beautifully curated images chosen by Jaclyn!
The Marketing Mavens, Kiersten, Jenna, Jenn and Nahir: This team is amazing: their guerrilla marketing ideas and creative skills took our social media and mini events to new levels. They were always present to take photos, generate excitement, and come up with amazing new ideas. Their support was so comforting. You can also catch Nahir walking in the fashion show- a man of many talents!
The Kiddie Queen, Paulina: Who was willing to volunteer to monitor the child models backstage? Saint Paulina. Not only is she revered for such a task, she’s also behind the printing and installation of the amazing designer sketches you’ll see at Urban HQ. Skills all around.
The Little Detail Queens, Evelin and Alex: Those amazing programs? The slideshow with your favorite designer’s logo? You can thank these two ladies for taking care of the finishing touches of our show. 
Not to mention the help of our D&M faculty, Drexel PR connections, Freshmen volunteers, the Urban HQ team, Fashion Design Program Faculty, Hair and Makeup teams, the amazing Fashion Designers, family and friends, and other D&Ms who have selflessly volunteered.
This team is unstoppable and so ready for the show.  So many strengths were put together to showcase the work our Fashion Design counterparts. Not many universities can say that they have a student produced fashion show. Under Catherine and Claire’s leadership, we’ve dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s; packed our sewing kits, and have put on our game faces (which have flawless mascara, of course).


I’d say that it’s possible that they’re all the reasons why I’m so calm for this massive event…but I did just take a Pilates class and have some tea. So it’s probably the exercise and tea.  

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