This past week I was fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii to visit my best friend Sam who is interning there for the first three months of her Co-op with San Lorenzo bikinis. One good thing about Drexel is all of the amazing people you meet who have opportunities like this that you can share in as well. I remember when Sam told me that she was offered this internship I was so excited for her because I knew it would be perfect for her. I also knew that I would definitely be visiting her if she did take the job!

It was great that my Co-op let me take time off as well for personal vacation. During my week in Hawaii Sam and I were able to complete many tourist adventures that she is unable to do with the locals that she works with! We went to many famous beaches and sites. One beach we went to was called Lanakai. At this beach we kayaked about a half a mile to small islands that are private beaches. We also hiked Diamond Head Mountain which was a little over two miles! 

It was an amazing experience to be able to visit my best friend from Drexel and support her during her internship. She also plans to visit me in NYC when she returns to the main land. Some pictures below are from my trip with her!


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